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Mainland Business Setup

A mainland company is a legal entity that can operate inside and outside the country without any restriction. According to UAE company law, a mainland company requires a local partner or a local service agent.

A mainland company license gives you access to thousands of business activities. With certain activities, special approval is required from the relevant government department and MS PLUS will guide you here from commencement to completion.

The freedom to choose premises in any area of Dubai

The ability to conduct a wide range of business activities

The freedom to trade anywhere in the UAE or outside the country

Dubai-based consulting agency

Types of Companies

Limited Liability Company (L.L.C)

MS PLUS will provide a corporate local citizen to act as your 51% local sponsor in Dubai. Our main objective is to give you 100% financial and operational control, while protecting your shareholder rights. The agreements and documents used are drafted by an expert legal counsel.


  • 51% shareholder
  • Zero company involvement
  • No financial rights
  • 49% Foreign shareholder

  • 100% Financial benefits
  • Full control
Sole Establishment

A Sole Establishment is a legal entity exclusively owned by one individual, who is personally liable without limit to the full extent of his assets for the liabilities of the entity. This type of establishment can either conduct commercial activities or professional activities in the Emirate where it is registered.

Unlike a UAE Limited Liability Company (LLC), which requires that at least 51% of shares must be registered to a UAE/GCC national sponsor, a qualified foreign investor that sets up an establishment or sole proprietorship to practice a professional service is permitted 100% ownership in the company.

  • 0% shareholder
  • Zero company involvement
  • No financial rights
  • 100% Foreign shareholder
  • 100% Financial benefits
  • 100% Ownership
Civil Company

If you are a qualified and licensed professional in specialist sectors including law, accountancy, medicine, engineering, and more, you can apply for civil company formation. It allows 100% ownership and offers access to the local market, but entails unlimited liability. A civil company is also required to be set up as a partner of the business owners who hold professional qualifications in their respective fields of specialization.

  • 0% shareholder
  • Zero company involvement
  • NO financial rights 
  • 100% foreign shareholder
  • 100% financial benefits
  • 100% ownership

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Types of Licenses in the UAE

The basic requirement for all mainland business activities in the UAE is to have a licence in one of these categories:

Commercial license

Covers all kinds of trading activities

Industrial license

For conducting industrial or manufacturing activities

Professional license

Covers professions, services, craftsmen and artisans